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Recollections of Strollers Past

Here is the first in what we hope will become a regular feature on the site, 'Recollections of Strollers Past'. First up is a story from Gavin Caldwell, one of the original 'Fat Naggers' along with Clive Horwood and George Brown, and a Stroller from about 1993 to 1999. Now plying his trade in a village somewhere west of London...


"I recall that marvellous game I had against that side in a field somewhere in North London, I think it was behind a school and we were playing a Ryan’s Bar guest eleven.
As I recall it was a rain-interrupted game and the opposition were very serious about the victory that day. I particularly remember, I really went after the barmaid they had bowling at one point. She was a rather tricking customer coming in off two paces and bowling a sort of dob/chuck/rounders throw, very difficult to read. Anyway, I was taking no prisoners that day and smashed her to the boundary several times.
I’ll never forget the look on her face, as I rammed it to her, and she realised that she had come up against a real competitor who was not going to let any old barmaid get on top of him. Still back to the cricket match.
Unless my memory is playing tricks with my somewhat unsteady mind, we quickly knocked of the runs and ripped through the oppo’ before retiring to a local hostelry to laugh at them, marvellous, marvellous memories.

I know its been a few years since I lifted the willow club in anger for the mighty Strollers and that frankly when I did it was (almost) always rather disappointing. Equally, it’s been a while since I thundered in from the Pavilion end to reap mayhem amongst the opposition’s middle order.
For example, who can ever forget that mighty delivery that (almost) shattered the middle stump away to Chippenham to remove their captain (I think) and set up a result for one of the two sides playing (I can’t quite remember who won).
Or what about that incredible four wicket haul I took against somebody we were playing, somewhere, at some time, ah the memories are still so clear.
I still wear my Pimlico Strollers hat with pride as I run out for Shamley Green first eleven (only eleven sometimes nine) on a Sunday afternoon."

Gavin Caldwell

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