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Club History

I am sure Andy and Bruce can advise about the early history of the Strollers although we probably have different memories. First game was in 1987 when Bruce, Andy, me and the big chap whose name I have forgotten played for the Spread Eagle team. That's the Spread Eagle on Parkway, Camden. We may have actually played for the opposition against the Spread Eagle team. No idea to be frank. Somewhere I have a photo of me returning to the boundary after batting. I think Andy's Nicola took the photo so there may be more photos. I was playing in DMs (shoes) and a striped shirt (you no doubt recall the 1980s).

Andy and Bruce moved to St George's Square in Pimlico in 1987 I think. They used to hold piano moving parties. Bruce had a piano moved down from Northampton to go in the flat. The flat was on the third floor so there was a serious need for help. The first time the picnic in the square went on too long and I don't think the piano got very far. Second time some Italians in the bottom flat helped us. Not sure what happened to the piano when Andy moved out. I digress.

Don't think we actually played in 1988. Bruce was living in Edinburgh. The embryonic Strollers turned out in 1989 on Regents Park. There are some very rough pitches close to the Zoo. As well as Andy, Bruce, me, the big chap, there was probably Matthew ? who went to school with Bruce and Vince Wells who you may have met when he turned up last year. Think Vince's girlfriend managed Bruce and Andy's band "Clay and the Magnificent" (???). She probably played too and her dog ??? We played against anyone who turned up. Usually 14 year olds. Then probably the next year - or sometime - we played against proper(ish) opposition. The Butler Boys lead by Gareth (?) Butler were a favorite opposition. Butler was a Radio 4 producer or something. Bossy and up himself some would say. Also played a team called Bob's BBC I think. Fathers and Sons. That game was played on Clapham Common.

Bruce was captain for those first years which occasionally resulted in some rather strange batting line-ups. One game I batted at seven. Not that low you may think. However given there were seven in our team and a school friend of mine who hardly ever played cricket was at number three it was probably not the best use of resources. Winning wasn't terribly important. Andy took over the captaincy and I was vice for three or four years. Think Matt captained in 95 and 96, then me in 97. Guess Bruce did 89-92 and Andy 93-94.

As well as the hard pitch at Clapham Common we played on the Hampstead Extension pitches quite a lot I remember Kieran's first game there (1995?), Parliament Hill Enclosure and on the slope. I remember we picked up Glynn on the latter ground and John Morgan managed to head the cricket ball whilst batting. (He drove off to the hospital at Hampstead to get things checked out - lasting damage possibly). Finsbury Park also (Dickie's first game I think - 1994) I think we went to watch Lynford Christie run in the Olympics in the Manor House pub after the game. Think the first "tour" to Chippenham was in 1996. Before Ryans Bar we used to meet for our AGM in a pub behind Liberty's store Regent Street. Possibly the Red Lion. Like now the main topic - whilst still soberish - was how to get 11 players for each game.

Frankly can't remember much since 1997.

Simon Poole


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The Strollers are a club of cricketers well known for their fine singing voices. Here are a couple of songs you may find yourself singing post match:

Gold (Spandau Ballet)

The official club anthem...

Strolling (Flanagan & Allen)

Those touring in Portugal in 2009 were lucky enough to be introduced to a potential new club anthem thanks to the crooning of Oporto CC's President Peter. Aptly entitled "Strolling", the ditty in question was composed and first performed by famed swingers of yesteryear, Flanagan & Allen.

Now all can enjoy this near masterpiece in it's incomparable original form... click HERE

Tales of Strollers past

For a selection of recollections from matches gone by
... click HERE

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Stroll on...


The Pompey Connection
I am sure you are aware of the Pompey connections. Andy met Bruce at the Polytechnic of North London in about 1984. Andy and I were at Portsmouth Grammar School together 1976-83. I had kept in contact with Andy since school and caught up with him when I moved down from Liverpool at 1987. Consequently I got roped in straight-away. Quite a long line of PGS old boys have turned out for the Strollers over the years. These include Richard Stainton-Ellis (1989?), James Foxall (1990?), Matt Morgan (1990?-present), Mark "Jurassic" Waterfield (off and on), Mark Beaumont Davis (once I think). Apart from me, the others go back to about 1973 or more.

The Petersfield Connection
Deaves and I grew up in the same town (neither born there though) - "incomers". We played football for the Butser Cub Scouts team in 1975ish. My dad ran boys cricket teams in Petersfield and Steep and coached me, obviously, and Deaves. Not sure we played in the same team then - I'm a little older. Somewhere there is a picture of Deaves in the Petersfield under 13s.

In the name of charity...

The Strollers have links with the Cystic Fibrosis Unit at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Several years ago the then vice captain, Jolyon Fallon was instrumental in organizing an annual charity match to raise fund for the unit. In 2009, to celebrate the Strollers' 20th Anniversary, the club held a special match at North London CC, again in aid of the Royal Brompton.

In the end £1,150 (inc Gift Aid) was collected. Well done to all involved!

To read the report from the day's events... click HERE