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Fixtures 2017 Season

Match Date Day Opposition   Venue Start  
1 17.03.17 Friday Woodford Wells Tour Lanzarote CA 12 noon lost
2 18.03.17 Saturday Redbourn Tour Lanzarote CA 3.30pm lost
3 19.03.17 Sunday Alder Tour Lanzarote CA 10am lost
4 30.04.17 Sunday Beamers Home North London CC 2pm lost
5 14.05.17 Sunday Highgate Irregulars Away Old Cholmeleians CC 1.30pm match drawn
6 21.05.17 Sunday Chipperfield Clarendon Away Chipperfield CC 2pm lost
7 24.05.17 Wednesday Battersea Bohemians* Away North Middlesex CC 6pm lost
8 04.06.17 Sunday Battersea Bohemians Away Crouch End CC 1.30pm lost
9 15.06.17 Thursday Archway Ladder* Away Alexandra Palace Park 6pm lost
10 18.06.17 Sunday Shakespeare XI Home Ferme Park 1.30pm won
11 21.06.17 Wednesday Highgate Irregulars* Away North Middlesex CC 6pm won
12 25.06.17 Sunday Theydon Bois Away Theydon Bois CC 1pm won
13 29.06.17 Thursday Tetherdown Trundlers* Away North Middlesex CC 6pm won
14 13.07.17 Thursday Beamers* Away North Middlesex CC 6pm won
15 16.07.17 Sunday Chesham Bois Away Chesham Bois CC 2pm won
16 23.07.17 Sunday Agricola Away King's House, Chiswick 1pm cancelled
17 26.07.17 Wednesday Battersea Bohemians* Away North Middlesex CC 6pm cancelled
18 30.07.17 Sunday Bricklayers Arms Home Ferme Park 2pm cancelled
19 06.08.17 Sunday Sunday Times XI Away Dulwich Sports Ground 1pm cancelled
20 13.08.17 Sunday Chippenham Away Chippenham CC 2pm won
21 20.08.17 Sunday Battersea Bohemians Away Crouch End CC 1.30pm won
22 27.08.17 Sunday London Erratics Home North London CC 1.30pm won
23 10.09.17 Sunday Beamers Home Ferme Park 1pm match drawn
24 16.09.17 Saturday Broken Wicket Away North Middlesex CC 10am 5th place
25 24.09.17 Sunday Hawridge & Cholesbury Away Hawridge & Cholesbury CC 1pm lost

*20/20 evening fixture


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Match fees

Home fixtures on Sundays cost £260 in total, including pitch hire and tea. This cost is split 50/50 between the two teams.

Subs for those playing for the Pimlico Strollers are as follows:

Saturday/ Sunday fixtures
£12 for adults
£6 for under 18s or 'ringers'

T20 evening fixtures
£10 for adults
£5 for under 18s or 'ringers'

Whilst we understand that commitments are sometimes difficult to keep, for Sunday matches anyone who needs to widthdraw from the game later than Friday will still be required to pay their share of match fees — therefore if you need to cancel, please let the captain know by Friday. This gives us at least some time to attempt to find a replacement before the game and at worst doesn't mean those playing are out of pocket. If you are a genuine 'maybe' then please communicate this with the captain during the week so they can plan accordingly.


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Fixtures archive

If you can add to the archive with further fixtures or results, please email Gavin Richardson at:



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